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What is Metaisland?
A metaverse infrastructure for billions of users
Metaisland is a blockchain infrastructure custom — built for the Metaverse. Compatible with most popular wallets, bridged with all major blockchains, and that combines defi, NFTs and play to earn in an unique revolutionary concept.
Metaverse economy worth $13 trillion by 2030
Wall Street firm Morgan Stanley sees the metaverse as an $13 trillion addressable market which is likely to become the “next generation social media, streaming and gaming platform.” The City is even more optimistic and said: “We believe the Metaverse is the next generation of the internet — combining the physical and digital world in a persistent and immersive manner — and not purely a Virtual Reality world,” the report reads. “A device-agnostic Metaverse accessible via PCs, game consoles, and smartphones could result in a very large ecosystem.”(Fortune April 2022)
A Metaverse for everyone

Metaisland ISL Utility token

The ISL Token is the fuel that empowers Metaisland. Island owners need to buy the ISL token on the market to refill their reward tank.

2D NFT Multichain

9 collections of 2d PFP NFTs are available, all having an utility. They will be avaible on multi-chain and many different marketplaces

3d NFT with RPG features

Our 3d NFT are directly playable in game and have Role Playing Game features like force, speed, life, mana, hunger, thirst etc...

NFT shop, to buy or rent

Our NFTs can be purchased with cash, crypto, or even rented! No need to be rich to enjoy Metaisland.

WOK-OS to manage your ID

The WOK-OS is our backend to manage users Identity, it guarantee the privacy of every Metaverse participant.

Metaisland Franchise

The best Metaverse users are awarded the access to manage their own Island and make a living by running a Metaisland of their own.

Subscriptions with cash

One Island with 1000 players is generating 20, 000.00 USD per month in sales

Subscriptions with crypto

1 million players would generate millions USDT in sales per month

NFT sales

While NFT are not mandatory to play, their unique attributes are making them very attractive

NFT royalties

10% for each resale can generate a huge revenue stream over time


Franchising allows us to become content provider and selling API keys without having to localize in every country


T-shorts, mugs, memorabilia and other game related items for sale in the online shop

Metaisland Delivers a Metaverse for everyone
Metaisland is a social networking platform, with a virtual avatar, chats, friendship, status and likes. You can choose a character from as many as 150+ unique 3D Characters and build your own personality by using RPG like characteristics.